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Dress and cape queen Máxima to admire in TextielMuseum Tilburg


The ensemble that Queen Máxima carried on King's Day during the visit to Tilburg has been admired from now on in the Textile Museum. The museum is very pleased to add this third masterpiece, made by Jan Taminiau, to join the exhibition 'Orange Boven!' | Royal Textile '.


For the cape, JANTAMINIAU has developed a special jacquard woven fabric in conjunction with TextielLab of the TextielMuseum, which overflows gradient in both color and yarn. The exhibition 'Orange Above | Royal Textile - Masterpieces' runs until 17 June. 


Jan Taminiau designed an ensemble consisting of a cape and a japon before the King's Day in Tilburg. The fabric, used for the cape of Queen Máxima, has been developed in the TextielLab, under the direction of Jan Taminiau. He chose a dark blue chenille with a rough, woolly and matte appearance, which contrasts with the overflow to a glossy cotton oak with a shiny and smoother texture. The dark blue dress of Queen Maxima is made of a combination of crepe Georgette and organza silk. In a degraded body, dark blue and oak colored ribbons, narrow metal chains and crystals are embroidered. The same materials and techniques have been used for the fascinator. 


The exhibition 'Orange Above!' Consists of two parts. In the TextielLab we show the damask pilot model tableware made for the 50th birthday of the king, the royal blue dress with Queen Máxima cape, worn during 2013 inauguration and the dress and cape carried on King's Day 2017. All three are designs of Jan Taminiau. A selection of the beautiful collection of memorial collection from the museum, ranging from colorful printed memorials to shiny white damask with intertwined royal portraits, will be shown in DamastWeverij from April 1st.



Jan Taminiau x Queen Máxima

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hague magazine, fashion, mode, haguemagazine, the hague, dutch design, art, couture, jan taminiau, koningin maxima, textielmuseum, museum
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